Be genuine. Live kindly. Seek adventure.

- Lily and Violet


Hello, bonjour, cheers!

Welcome to Lily and Violet, an online boutique for the modern-vintage woman. When you shop with us, you’ll leave feeling double-take gorgeous and thrilled-to-the-tips-of-your-toes joyful. Promise.

At Lily and Violet we believe that beauty comes in the simplest forms – a warm latte in the morning, fresh flowers from the farmers’ market, a good book on a lazy Sunday afternoon, a glass of red wine with girlfriends!

Care to meet Lily and Violet?

Lily and Violet are the best of friends finding their place in the world, having a million adventures along the way (and dressed fantastically while doing so! Obviously.)  Though theirs is an opposites-attracts sort of friendship, they both love travel, self-deprecating humor, and that hole-in-the-wall place that only the locals know. With kind + sincere hearts Lily and Violet go together like peas and carrots.

Through their friendship and travels, Lily and Violet are slowly but surely discovering who they are and what styles they love.  Stripes?  Paisley?  Stripes with paisley?  Our hope is that you too will discover your personal style – whether you’re inspired by your grandmother’s vintage jewelry, a Parisian flea market, your own closet or Lily and Violet themselves.

Pull up a chair, grab some tea and stay awhile!


Team L+V